Yeast Infections

The dreaded yeast infection can be treated in numerous ways. There are prescriptions, over the counter medications, and natural alternatives.

Choosing the program that is best for you should involve the advice of your doctor. However, it can be as easy as going to your local grocery store or pharmacy and asking the pharmacist. There are common products such as Monistat and Vagistat. These common brand names are topical creams that are used outside the vagina for spot on application. They tend to work quickly in relieving symptoms.

Trosyd is a product that also comes in the form of a cream. It seeks to destroy the yeast cells.

Elimination using the above products (for more info visit works in stopping your current infection. However, they do not target the root cause of your problem. For that reason infections often return. For long term relief a more natural solution may be worth looking into.